As this is your capstone subject, this assessment will consolidate

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Subject Code:
Subject Name:
MBA Capstone
Assessment Title:
Assessment 3: Portfolio
Assessment Type:
Written and visual
Word Limit:
No limit
Total Marks:
Due Date:
Friday Week 12 11:55pm
.Assessment Description.
..As this is your capstone subject, this assessment will consolidate and explore the knowledge you
have accumulated throughout the subject. This assessment requires you to develop a portfolio of
your work accumulated from the learnings and activities in class.
This assessment as an individual based Assignment however all activities in the workshops that
you are writing up and reflecting on, are completed in teams throughout the workshop sessions.
Online students you complete these in the chat sessions and as individuals
The activities, include short informal presentations, worksheets and activities and are spread over
the whole term, so be prepared to participate and communicate in what is being covered each week.Task Description: A portfolio is a collection of documents, images, and reflections that you
assemble in order to demonstrate what you have learnt. You need to show your creativity in
constructing your portfolio and the document needs to professional in appearance. Your portfolio
should include a minimum of 12 activities, a reflection from each workshop topic and at least 1
activity from that topic and an overall personal reflection on what you learnt.
You should also reflect on what you learnt from the team interactions/participation. You should
include images and figures in your portfolio. This portfolio assignment consists of several parts.Part A – Activities completed: The activities from each week. The main purpose of the activities is
to improve your ability to work in groups, interact, develop a peer network and to take a theory
concept from the appropriate week’s workshops and explain it. An important component of the
activities is the question and answer sessions to clarify concepts and knowledge. This should
provide you and your classmates with valuable learnings. There are also number of helpful
readings on Moodle that cover each topic and these should be integrated into your portfolio. You
should use at least one resource each week to reflect on with your activities.Part B – Self Reflection commentary and criticism on each activity and your learning
outcomes.Assessment InformationCOMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Copyright Regulations 1969This material has been reproduced and commun…

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