Evidence of little or no reading and no, or very limited application

Top of FormThe red lines are the tutor’s descriptions on the assessment:
Name: Analysing Language Assignment #2
Description: Analyse selected texts using a method of your choice in order to highlight teaching objectives for a specific set of language learners
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Refer 0-39%
Refer 40-49%
Pass 50-59%
Merit 60-69%
Distinction 70-79%
Outstanding Distinction 80-100%
Integration of other research (20%)
Evidence of little or no reading and no, or very limited application
Evidence of fairly limited reading and only some application; more consistent and relevant application of reading is needed to support arguments
Evidence of satisfactory amount of reading around the topic(s) but there could be more relevant application at times
Most points made in the report supported by evidence of an ample amount of reading
All main arguments in the report are closely supported by evidence of very wide-ranging and relevant reading
Evidence of a very wide range of relevant reading which is integrated critically and applied consistently to support the focused arguments in the report
Quality of linguistic analysis and reporting (40%)
Language analysis shows misunderstanding of linguistic model &/or categories
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