In business world, managers are required to have leadership

LDRS 697/698 R:
Leadership Integration Project
Manual 2017 – 2018LDRS 697/698 BR Manual BR 2017-2018© 2NotesIf you wish to cite this manual, consider it to be an unpublished manuscript with a university
cited (see item 58 on page 211 of the APA6 publication manual).
The in-text citation format is as follows:
(Leadership Integration Project Manual 2015, p. xx).
The format for References is as follows:Leadership integration project manual 2017-2018. (2016). Unpublished manuscript, Master of
Arts in Business Leadership – Richmond, Trinity Western University, Canada.LDRS 697/698 BR Manual BR 2017-2018© 3Table of Contents
Leadership Integration Project Course Purpose (p. 4)
Leadership Competency Framework (p.6)
Activities and Procedures (p. 10)
Appendix 1: Leadership Competency Cross-Curricular Map (p. 19)Appendix 2: Activities and Assignments Specific Dates (p. 20)Appendix 3: Leadership Competency Focus Selection
Worksheets (p. 21)Appendix 4: Leadership Competency Activity Planning
Worksheets(p. 31)LDRS 697/698 BR Manual BR 2017-2018© 4The purpose of LDRS 697/698 is to provide learners the opportunity to integrate and apply their
learning in the Master of Arts in Business Leadership – Richmond to the following themes:1) Transformational servant leadership.
2) Values-based leadership.
3) Leadership ethics.Please refer to program monographs distributed at orientation for further details.In business world, managers are required to have leadership skills for all management positions.
Building up the required leadership competencies is important for one’s leadership development.
The process of designing and completing LDRS 697/698 is the practical exercise of higher order
competency focusing on the process of integrating the learning from various courses into a more
comprehensive understanding and personal practice of leadership. Courses will be collectively
analyzed and re-evaluated to determine meta-themes to inform a deeper level of scholarly inquiry
in the field of leadership. Furthermore, at the end, the process of LDRS 697/698 will ensure that
each student will generate articles entailed individualized competency improvement plans and/or
service improvement plans for work.
LDRS 697/698 consists of a total of four credit hours of work, the first 2 credit hours is for 697,
followed by another 2 credit hours for 698. This course represents the final demonstration of a
learner’s ability to integrate knowledge learned in the program curriculum and to practice the MA
in Leadership defined following leadership competencies: Visioning and Strategic Thinking;
Adaptability and Change; Results; Team Leadership; People Development; Innovation;
Transformational Servant Leadership Values and Ethics; Service and Quality
Orientation; Relationships & Collaboration; Planning & Organizing; Higher Ordered
Thinking and Analysis.<br…

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