It can be argued that supply chain strategies aren’t always

Assignment Task 1: Scenario [25 Marks] 2000 Words
It can be argued that supply chain strategies aren’t always aligned with the long term goals of its organization. An organization’s procurement team should review their supply chain function and develop strategies to align or realign their model to that of the firm. To add, many organizations should also review their negotiation strategies to ensure that value is attained over price, but not without the knowledge of proper negotiation skills and tactics. Answer the following questions in accordance with the format provided:
Note: Students can choose their organization or any other organization of their choice when answering the following questions.
Provide a brief summary of the organization and the role of the supply chain function.
Develop a 10 point plan that will ensure that the supply chain function and its strategies remain relevant to the organization’s objectives, currently and in the future.
Discuss the importance of negotiation strategies in the procurement cycle in helping the supply chain function meet the organization’s long term goals. Students must also highlight the issue of BATNA in negotiating, giving an example of what BATNA might apply in the organization’s negotiation activities.
To answer the above questions, learners must adopt the following project format:
Review of the literature available on the related heading and the questions to be answered. The literature review discussion should focus on supply chain management and the importance of negotiation.
Critical review of the questions.
(25 marks)

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