writing a journal reflection

1:Directions: Writing A Journal Reflection. This Journal should be equivalent to one ½ (half) page (single spaced) with the student’s name, journal number and date all on the first line (using a top 1 inch margin) followed by half a page of text. You must use 12 font size lettering.

2: This journal should be used to reflect your thoughts, feelings, and ideas about HEREDITY. Use your journal to identify specific topics/concepts and write on them about what you have experienced, think, believe or have learned. You may tell how the topic/ concept has/is impacting your life, that of your family members, children, significant others, etc. Or you may find that you cannot relate the concept to your real life experiences to date and can therefore write about why you think that is occurring and or what you are understanding about the topic/concept. YOU MUST NOT USE ANY OUTSIDE SOURCES.

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