Source(Article) Summary (Topic : Domestic Violence )

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Source Summary (Topic : Domestic Violence )
The purpose of the Source Summary is to effectively summarize and attribute information from a source. Use the library databases to retrieve an article from the Course Theme Reading List on the topic (Domestic Violence ) you selected last week. Read the source carefully, noting the thesis, topic sentences, headings, supporting details, and the conclusion. To become more skilled at summary and paraphrasing, you will practice writing summaries of different lengths on the same assigned source.
For each part of the assignment, follow the instructions provided in assignment template and sample sample assignment
See following support documents attached
An assignment template
A sample assignment – Here is the article
Domestic Violence
Parachin, V. M. (2013). Terrorism in the home: Eleven myths and facts about domestic violence. Priest, 69(1), 13-16.
Alhabib, S., Nur, U., & Jones, R. (2010). Domestic violence against women: Systematic review of prevalence studies. Journal of Family Violence, 25(4), 369–382. doi:10.1007/s10896-009-9298-4
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