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Project Definition Introduction As computer technology changes at such fast phase, many businesses sectors try to cope up by upgrading computer system constantly in order to stay competitive. The multi-function ability of technology for its advance system is also an important factor for a company to use software. It makes efficient use of the advance technology and has ambition to discover more. Computers have the great impact on profession of management. With the rapid growth of technology today, there is no doubt that computer will become a common asset in all profession.
The Rosewood Pointe Residences Incorporation is a real estate company. They have 10 unit buildings located at Taguig City. They have first class amenities where the residents can enjoy and relax from its relaxing environment. As the group observed in their office, we discovered that there are a lot of problems that they were experiencing from maintenance in resident’s information, monitoring amenities, generating reports and their manual reservation process. The group decided to build a system that will make their work easier, accurate and efficient.
The system also allows the owner’s records monitoring and amenities reservation system and the billing and collection system, by having all unit owners or customers’ information. Goals and Objectives * To create a computer based system that monitors the unit owner’s records and owner’s payment monitoring for the productivity, accuracy, effectiveness and efficiency of their operation. * To make a computer based system that will lead for the benefit of the customer and the management. * To put into practice what has been learned recently. To improve values such as self-discipline, patience, perseverance, innovativeness, resourcefulness, etc. Project Assumptions The proponents have adequate knowledge on object-oriented programming language and relational database system which they learned through the help of their recent university lecturers. The proponents come up with a plan of doing owner’s record management, amenities reservation and billing and collection system. Through the use of this system, the business success is one step closer.
The proponents will add different features that will benefit the company for the use of their business. Resource Assumptions • Project staff resources will be available when and as they are needed. • Required hardware resources will be available when and as they are needed. • Required customer resources will be available when and as they are needed. • A significant percentage of the project staff will be experienced with the technical environment. • A significant percentage of the project staff will be experienced with the operating environment.
Project Constraint The owner record’s management and amenity reservation system is limited only to the owner record files such as owner’s personal information, monitoring of allowed pool users, monitoring and maintenance of gym usage, and history of previous owners, monitoring of move – in turnover units, and reservation of amenities. The billing and collection system is only limited to bills information, payment system for water and electricity bills, rented parking space, general maintenance, association dues, and penalty charges.
The group should be able to meet all the objectives and requirements in order to accomplish the project. The proposed system should have two integrated business system which should have a transaction processing system. The faculty – in charge needs to confirm the scope and limitation of the project. The group project should have a maximum of 6 members whenever a group is composed of less than 6 members the scope and provisions stated should be still be followed the group has only two months to complete all the requirements for the curriculum. Project Overview
After a thorough analysis and observation of their business processes, the group had discovered the business problem that hinders them from achieving an efficient and reliable business workflow. The purpose of this project is to support the management from the problems that they have as we observed in their company. The project we are proposing will develop a computer-based system namely the Rosewood Pointe Amenities Reservation and Billing and Collection System with corresponding two subsystems; the Owner’s Record Management and Amenities Reservation and the Billing and Collection System.
The Owner’s Record Management and Amenities Reservation subsystem can help the management to monitor and maintain the unit owner’s record, each building unit status, and the automated reservation system of their company that will help them to make it easier, faster and accessible. It will process the unit owners’ basic information, the benefits that they have in terms of its usage and payment in different amenities like swimming pool and gym, the history of previous unit owners and monitors the move-out, move-in turnover units.
The process of reservation in terms of its availability, cancellation and mode of payment. The Billing and Collection System will process the payments of each unit from their electrical bills, water consumption, monthly association dues, and annual building insurance, parking lot fee which is optional to the unit owner if they were going to lease or own a parking space, the swimming pool charges and the gym mode of payment. All of these billing will be seen through their statement of account.
It will generate reports such as unit owner’s record maintenance, monthly report of swimming pool users, statement of account, and total accumulated collection of payments etc. The whole system will contain access rights which will regulate the use of the system as requested by the management. The management has the access on all fields of the system. They have the authority in manipulating all records and files of their company. Every staffs has their own profile according to their job positions.

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