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Looking around at daily life, the pattern of computer oriented devices make life easier. All of the computerized facets in our society help to increase our daily productivity and help us to do whatever it is we need to accomplish in the day. The computer age is upon the people and it will continue to grow in influence until society revolves around it daily. In personal computers, the industry has begun to create faster machines that can store much more information.
A computer is a device that computes, especially a programmable electronic machine that performs high-speed mathematical or logical operations or that assembles, stores, correlates, or otherwise processes information. The particular sequence of operations can be change readily, allowing the computer to solve more than one kind of problem. The interface between the computer and human operator is known as the user interface. [MIFF2009] The internet in simple terms is a network of the interlinked computer networking worldwide, which is accessible to the general public.
These interconnected computers work by transmitting data through a special type of packet switching which is known as the IP or the internet protocol. [YOUR2013] Internet is such a huge network of several different interlinked networks relating to the business, government, academic, and even smaller domestic networks, therefore internet is known as the network of all the other networks. These networks enable the internet to be used for various important functions which include the several means of communications like the file transfer, the online chat and even the sharing of the documents and web sites on the WWW, or the World Wide Web.
Website is a set of interconnected web pages, usually including a homepage, generally located on the same server, and prepared and maintained as a collection of information by a person, group, or organization. [MIFF2009] Information systems are implemented within an organization for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of that organization. Capabilities of the information system and characteristics of the organizations, its work systems, people development and implementation methodologies determine the extent to which that purpose is achieved.
With the use of Online Information System for Sta. Maria Fire Station, people will be able to understand the importance of knowing what the possibilities are might happen due to their carelessness when it comes to their safety. Also, the website will view the offered services so that the people don’t need to visit the main station to inquire but simply use the internet to see all the information about the fire incidents, preventive tips and safety measures of the fire station. 1. 1 Statement of the Problem General Problem:
How will the proponents develop an Online Information System for Sta. Maria Fire Station that will motivate people more on efficient information about fire prevention and safety animation tips and tutorials Specific Problems: How will the proponents create a user- friendly interface which the user can easily understand. This becomes a problem if the person who is not computer literate, they have a hard time to understand and navigate the system. Unpleasant web design may cause unintentional mistakes and miss out the interests of the user.
How will the proponents create a page that will secure unauthorized person to access important information. Due to manual process of the Sta. Maria Fire Station, important documents were not organized and only stored in computer­,­­­­­­­ filling cabinet, and even in wall shelves without any security causing the data to be access by unauthorized persons that can alter and easily destroy files. How will the proponents create appropriate animations, tutorials, and other multimedia elements for the proposed system.
The fire station is conducting few events including seminars and still using the traditional ways of giving instructions that eventually may cause the people to get bored and at the same time, that the topics discussed on these events may be easily slip one’s mind. How will the proponents create a page that will post and update all activities of the Fire Station. Posting and updating the schedule of activities in a bulletin board is very risky due to its tendency to be destroyed unintentionally. Because of lacking of more space, previous announcements are being removed to create new one.
And using materials and creating posters are time consuming and money wasting. How will the proponents create a page that will enable the user to send their comments and suggestions to the fire station Due to tradition process, the residents of Sta. Maria are having a hard time in getting information of the fire station. The residents also not informed if there is an announcement, activities or even seminars. 1. 2 Current State of the Technology Computers nowadays are widely spread to industries and businesses. People use it to make their work easier, faster and more accurate that reduces problems and errors.
Many companies have already using the computerized and online system that is now making big roles in socializing people and distributing information. Creating websites or online systems expands the process of sharing, receiving and publishing information in a very quick and real – time manner. Information system is also an integrated set of components for collecting, storing, and processing data and for delivering information, knowledge, and digital products. Sta. Maria Fire Station is located at Poblacion, Sta. Maria, Bulacan.
Before, both the police and fire station belongs in the same department. But since 1991, the fire station became separated and established causes to lose some important files. In the current system, the fire station is still using the manual process and accumulates several difficulties. SMFS announcements are posted only in bulletin board where pares and push pins are the tolls in posting updates and activities. Posting of events are made after the activity. Log books and other important documents are stored in filling cabinets and bookshelves indie and outside of the fire station’s office.
Therefore, the materials have the tendency to be easily destroyed and fade as time passes by. The commonly problem of the establishment other than the lack of equipment is communicating and sharing information to people. SMFS owned 2 functional computers with internet connection and are used for making monthly reports and seminar’s presentation. The BFP requires different structures such as barangays, schools, hospitals and buildings to conduct seminars and inspections that are made through request. They also make inspection on submitted business permits. BFP requires conducting seminars so that the residents of Sta.
Maria know how simple preventions will help and what they are going to do during incidents. They are only using projectors, LCD, Power Point Presentation, white board and marker. Presently, instead of 21, the fire station only have 18 firemen , composed of 10 Uniformed Personnel and 8 Non Uniformed Personnel (5Nurses assigned in fire aid and 3 volunteers). Uniformed Personnel are trained by the BFP (Bureau of Fire Protection). Sta. Maria Fire Station Vision A modern, efficient and responsive national fire protection agency working towards a public safety conscious society.
Maria Fire Station Mission To protect lives and properties through the prevention and suppression of destructive fires; investigation of their causes and the provision of emergency medical and rescue services with the active support of the public.
General Objectives To be able to create an Online Information System for Sta. Maria Fire Station that will give efficient information and safety animation tips and tutorials on fire preventing 1. 3. 2 Specific Objectives To be able to create a user friendly interface which the user can easily understand. The proponents will create a user friendly interface that can be used by anyone even if the users have no deep knowledge on it. This kind of interface can be immediately understood especially for the SMFS user/s and the usage of the system can be learned quickly.
Simultaneously, it guides the user through the critical path. To be able to create a page that will secure unauthorized persons to access the proposed system. The proposed system will be having a tight security in keeping the files by creating a log-in page both for the page visitors and admin that contains username and password so that only the authorized person can access the system. Where, only the admin of the website can see all the fire station’s important information while page visitors have limited access on the SMFS’s web page.
To be able to create the appropriate animations, tutorials, and other multimedia elements for the proposed system. Incorporating animations in fire safety and prevention tips, fire mitigation and some multimedia elements to the proposed system that the SMFS can use to different events, especially in conducting seminars, will encourage the user/s to easily understand and remember the instruction and information regarding fire preventing. To be able to create a page that will post and update all activities of the Fire Station.
The proponents will create a page that can update and post information regarding the events and activities of SMFS so that the people of Sta. Maria will be updated. And also will take less effort, time, and money in creating and posting announcements on the bulletin board. To be able to create a page that will enable the user to send their comments and suggestions to the fire station This will help the fire station in communicating with the residents of Sta. Maria. And also this will help the residents of Sta. Maria to deliver their personal concerns and in getting reliable information when they needed.
Maria Fire Station. The proposed system aims to help the SMFS in sharing, communicating, spreading information that will attract the interest of all the possible users. It helps to view important information and awareness about fire incidents from the fire station. PhpMyAdmin or SQL Server The proponent will use PhpMyAdmin or SQL Server as database that will hold and store all information needed in the system.
The proponents will store different incidents of Sta. Maria. They will also store all opinions and suggestions that the user post and other information to maintain the content of the server (Back-End) of the system. Adobe Dreamweaver The system will use Adobe Dreamweaver which is the industry-leading web authoring and editing software that provides both visual and code-level capabilities for creating standard-based websites. In graphics editing and designing the proponents will use Adobe Photoshop. PHP scripting language The proponents will use PHP scripting language.
It is a general-purpose server-side scripting language originally designed for web development to produce dynamic web pages. It is among one of the most developed server-side scripting languages that is embedded into HTML source document, rather than calling an external file to process data. Ultimately, the code is interpreted by a web server with a PHP server module which generates the resulting web page. It evolved to include a command-line interface capability and can be used in standalone graphical application. Adobe Photoshop
The developers also decided to use Adobe Photoshop to design the interface of the front end and back end, including the background and buttons. Front End –the online part of the system that the visitors can see. This is also the user interface and contains all the information needed. The proponents used Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dream Weaver, and PHP to enhance the front end of the system containing the Log-in, Home, Media, News and Events, Community, Contact Us, and About Us. Log-in (officers and administrator) –the part of the system that handles the authentication of the officers and administrator.
The officers and administrator should enter the username and password to access the Back End of the website. Home –this is the main page of the created system wherein you can see latest safety and prevention tips, video tutorial, most updated news and events such as incidents. The homepage is dynamic so that the administrator of the page can possibly add, update or delete postings. Media – this page contains Video tutorials for fire safety tips, photos of Oplan Iwas Paputok incidents and seminars conducted in different structures such as Barangay ugnayan, schools and hospitals.
News and Events – this page contains news and events regarding the fire station so that the residents of Sta. Maria will always be updated from the most recent to the most featured news and events. .Community – this page shows some information about the fire station and Sta. Maria, Bulacan. Contact Us – system page where contact details and location of Sta. Maria Fire Station can be seen. About Us – this page provides important information of Sta. Maria Fire Station. This includes the mission, vision, and the fire station’s officials.
Back End – The back-end can only be seen by the admin. Only the admin can access the back-end. Part of the system which the admin can alter, modify and update the current system. File Maintenance- this will enable the system admin of Sta. Maria Fire Station to update all the desired data and information in the system. Log-In Maintenance – part of the system that allows the administrator of the page to navigate the whole system. Home Maintenance – this will enable the admin to update the latest news, updates and daily prevention tip in the system’s main page.
Media Maintenance – back-end page of the system where the admin can add and update video tutorials and photos such as incidents and seminars conducted in different structures such as Barangay ugnayan, schools and hospitals. News and Events Maintenance – part of the system that the admin updates the most recent news and events. Contact Us Maintenance – back-end page of the system that the admin can update the contact details of Sta. Maria Fire Station. About Us Maintenance – this page will enable the admin to update the officials of the fire station. Limitation: The proponent will develop an Online Information System exclusively for Sta.
Maria Fire Station. The system excludes the sending of online emergency calls/message. In addition, past records of incidents and other confidential files are not included in the system. The scarcity of firemen and fire fighting equipments will not be covered by the system. The further information regarding the inspection of business permit held by the system’s beneficiary will not be covered. The system can only be use by the administrator of SMFS. The created system will not be responsible by the proponents if the system was being hacked and manipulated by unauthorized person.

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