I certify that I have carefully reviewed the university’s academic misconduct policy

MGT723 Research Project
Semester X 20XX
Assessment Task 3: Report
Student Name: XXXXX
Title: XXXXX
Assigned research topic: XXXXX
Submission Date: XXXXX
(Note that the submission is due by 5:00pm via SafeAssign)
I certify that I have carefully reviewed the university’s academic misconduct policy. I understand that the source of ideas must be referenced and that quotation marks and a reference are required when directly quoting anyone else’s words.
Introduction: (Not assessed)
What is your research question?
Literature Review: (Not assessed)
Provide your summary (maximum 1 page) of the theoretical argument leading to the conceptual model with theoretical constructs clearly identified.
Conceptual Model: (Not Assessed)
Provide a diagram to show the relationships between the key theoretical constructs.
Hypotheses: (Not assessed)
Indicate your hypotheses – they will be assessed in your Assessment Task 2 for ACC620.
Data Analysis – Descriptive (Not assessed)
Provide your descriptive analysis
Data Analysis – Inferential (ASSESSED)
Conduct and describe appropriate statistical analysis of the data.
Hypothesis testing (ASSESSED):
Draw appropriate conclusions regarding the hypothesis based on the inferential data analysis.
Discussion (ASSESSED):
Convincingly and clearly discuss the implications of the results for practice and theory.
Limitations (ASSESSED):
Clearly identify the limitations of the study.
Further Research (ASSESSED):
Identify opportunities for further research based on the findings, and limitations, of your study.
References (ASSESSED):
Provide a list of references for all sources used including in-text references, using Harvard style.

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