Evaluate the administrative network management s stems.

• -• • . . Using the information determined inyour research, complete the toilowing 8. Evaluate the administrative network management s stems. Document this evaluation. y 9. Evaluate the network management systems. Document this evaluation. 10. Review the business models and business processes used in the telecommunications management network. Document this review. 11. Evaluate and plan for reliability and survivability by: a. Analysing the reasons for service levels in the telecommunications context. Document this analysis. b. Conducting linear and exponential trend analysis on real or simulated data for single monitoring parameter. Document this analysis. c. Assess the reliability and survivability in telecommunications context with reference to disaster and security management policies and procedures. Document this assessment. 12. Analyse the following in relation to the network management techniques: a. The process of generating bills from accounting records, configuration and client information. Document this analysis. b. The standards used in the SNMP network management model and in the GSM network. Document this analysis. c. The network management functions over CNET network simulation or similar data network. Document this analysis. 13. Analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of the management processes from beginning to resolution, including automation of fault management. Document this evaluation.
Using your research, evaluations and analyses, develop a report on your findings, including accurately documenting all of the following in the report: 14. The major features, configuration and functions of management systems 15. Procedures for fault management and accountability 16. The major features and functions of the QoS agreements 17. Network management techniques 18. The impact of the workplace and industry environment on the use of a telecommunications management system 19. A disaster recovery plan

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