That restaurant operates 24 hours and drives through services are available and its

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My name is Truong Hong Xuan. On Saturday, 31st March 2018 my friends and I went to one of the McDonald’s Kallang chains located in 200 Stadium Boulevard, Singapore 397801 by Grab taxi. That restaurant operates 24 hours and drives through services are available and its location is not inside the shopping mall, it is at the corner of the Stadium Blvd road and also not near the MRT station or any bus station. Finally, I arrived there at 5.35 pm. It has a big car park, and also outdoor seats are a good place for late night meetups. Moreover, this store also has a playroom for kids. At that time, it was not very crowded and very spacious. It combines McDonald’s with McCafe. Therefore, when I entered, I get shocked because I thought this is the biggest McDonald’s in Singapore It has around 7-8 staffs and more than 20 seats. As the same time, I looked at the big menu at the counters, so I decided to order one set for my lunch meal, it is including hamburger and drink. I spent 10 minutes for it to be ordered and be given to me. Besides that, that restaurant also has 4 order machines. If the customer comes at the peak hours they can easily to get ordering. I will continue my points of the views and experiences on the blog below.
1. Products
McDonald’s has lots of hamburger with a variety of food stated on the menu, there were so many choices. So, I felt confused, but at last, I decided to get one of their exclusive burger meal which its name was Classic Angus Cheese which inside has a bread bun with an Angus beef patty, layered with Colby cheese, grilled onions, tomato, creamy sauce and fries with a medium Coca-Cola which costs me S$10.85 (including GST). The taste is quite good, but in my suggestion, they should add chilly sauces and check the temperature of the beef before serving.
2. Place
I have visited one of McDonald’s branches which located in 200 Stadium Blvd, Singapore 397801. That area around National Stadium Singapore but it not very near, and opposite Mc restaurant is KFC restaurant. In addition, this McDonald’s outlet has its own carpark and houses McCafe as well as a kid’s playground and party room. It is 24 hours and drives through services are available. However, this location is not near the public transportation. Therefore, they should give some promotion in Mc Kallang branch.
3. Price
As I stated above, the price is $10.35 including a burger, side dish, and drinks. In Mc restaurant, most of the products are hamburgers set and separate drink menu. Also, there are ice cream, pie menu, and nugget. They offered that menu with the price around $6 to $10. However, when I go to MOS burger, the price is same as McDonald’s, but the quality was higher than Mc Donald. In my advice, Mc Donald should consider adding more discount for customers on a specific day. For example, on Monday, provide the cheeseburger with $4.
4. Promotion
McDonald’s really promoting its brand recently by releasing some promotions on its food products. Like the “Happy Meal” with a choice of hamburger and small Coke comes with Regular Cheese Fries. Or a lot of other offers like: of nuggets, drum lets and. Mc promotions vary through months and it offers you a lot of valuable meal in order to attract more.
In my suggestion, I think it would be better to add a diverse menu to set menu. Sometimes, people do not want to eat side menu. However, if they provide diverse menu instead of the set menu, it is a better way to offer the variety of service. Moreover, Mc Donald should consider about discounting lunch menu for the customer. Many people use the fast food restaurants not only because of the convenience but also the price is affordable.
5. People
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