Create a training manual document for employees and managers that discusses five (5) specific items…

Create a training manual document for employees and managers that discusses five (5) specific items related to your “hypothetical” business.
Applied Legal Training Manual for Managers
Description of the Assignment You are starting your own business (type of business is your choice) and have given yourself the title of CEO and are in the final stages of finalizing the business. You are creating a training manual for your top managers on legally relevant business law concepts.
Format Training Manual Guide
Audience Employees and Managers
Submission Training Manual Document OR Training Manual Video
Create a training manual document for employees and managers that discusses five (5) specific items related to your “hypothetical” business. You will use the following general format for the document – you must address each section.
Background/Basic Description of your Business
– Include the industry, type of business or product/service, anticipated number of employees to start with, location of the business, general audience or customer type, name of the business
a. Corporate Form & Regulation (What type of corporate form will you select for your business?)
1. Describe long terms plans for the business and any other considerations you used to decide the best corporate form.
2. What types of regulatory bodies govern the business? For example, are there entities that regulate different parts of your business? If so, what are they and what types of things do you need to comply with?
b. Contracts and Authority (What makes a legally binding contract)
1. Who has authority to make contracts in your business and why those person(s) have authority to make contracts on the business’ behalf.
2. What types of contracts your business will use and be dealing with
3. What is the procedure for managing contracts and contract review in your organization?
c. Negligence and Torts
1. What types of negligence are common to your industry or business (define and describe). Include any torts that may also be common to your industry or might be a potential issue.
2. What are actions that the business should take to prevent negligent acts and avoid liability
d. Hiring/Firing
1. Write a job description for what you anticipate being the most important position (the one you will need first/most immediately) upon opening.
2. How will human resources be handled if you are an organization that is too small for its own HR person or department. Who will be responsible for these HR type tasks? How will personnel selection be made and candidate applications be filed and recorded?
e. Internet Rules and Policies
Considering what you have learned about internet law and rules from your readings, write up a policy for your online presence (website, social media, business email) if applicable, and policies for your employees (or customers, if relevant).
f. Choose Your Own Legal Concept
Pick a legal concept discussed in the course not mentioned in the previous bullets that you think is relevant and important for your key managers to know about. Specifically identify the concept, define it, and give specific reasons why the concept is important to a business and why they need to know about it.
Grading Considerations:
Spelling, grammar, revision, editing, etc in compliance with general best practices of college writing and fulfilling the highest level writing expectations in the DSC college writing rubric (as described in the course syllabus). This includes tone of the document to be professional, neutral, and reflects the academic/business nature of the assignment.
Use of key terms and concepts from the course (must use course materials as sources first for content, if you exhaust using the course materials as support, then you can supplement your material with outside research).
Definitions and descriptions of key terms from the course to reiterate the material.
Direct page or source citations to information used in the fulfillment of the assignment each and every time source information is included in the response; use text/pdf/ppt from the course as reference materials anytime you can; use outside materials only if the question/response cannot be answered by our course materials
Student can select double or single spaced. There is no “set” page requirement, however, be sure to answer and respond to topic areas fully and completely. Be thorough and discuss concepts and give examples. Understand this is a legal final. I am expecting this document to be comprehensive and relatively full and dense; it should take at least a few pages to answer these items at a minimal level.<…

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