The paper focuses on the issues of national sexual assaults, domestic and family

Australian Co Research problems
Social Problems in Australian Cooperatives
The paper focuses on the issues of national sexual assaults, domestic and family violence as witnessed in many employing agencies, especially the major cooperatives. The focus cooperative is Rumbalara Aboriginal Cooperative Limited, which handles issues associated with the aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders. The cooperative offers family services as a package that includes improving their wellbeing, mental health issues, and poverty that are cited as the result of intergenerational trauma, as well as the dehumanizing impact of colonialism.
The cooperative handles, among many other aspects, the issues of domestic violence, family violence and the impact it has on the functioning of the Rumbalara Aboriginal Cooperative Limited. Through the integrated family services program by the cooperatives, members are capable of benefiting from the counseling and family services offered by the cooperative.
About Rumbalara Aboriginal Cooperative Limited
The Rumbalara Aboriginal Cooperative Limited presents a unique form of corporative in Australia which is community-owned and also controlled non-distributing enterprise. The cooperative is located in Victoria with over 600 registered members representing 80% of the Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal population in the Greater Shepparton area. The cooperatives employ over 200 employees, mostly Aborigines, and has an annual turnover of over 20 million. The cooperative serves the community through an integrated service delivery model, making it one of the largest cooperatives service providers, serving the Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders. The name given to the integrated service model is “Galnyan Yakurrumdja” in Yorta Yorta language that translates to “I respect.” The targeted beneficiaries of the cooperative are the Aborigines in Victoria and other minority groups. The services are provided to the community which is termed as threatened, despite having a shorter life-expectancy than non-Indigenous Australians with a life expectancy gap of 9.5 and 1.6 years for women and men respectively. The range of services provided by the cooperative includes legal and justice service, women education and training, financial advice and counseling, and family support (Mazzarol and Kresling, 2017).
Problem Statement
Dedeigbo and Cocodia (2016), writing on the state of domestic and family violence among the aboriginals and the Torres Strait Islanders indicated that one in three Australian women would experience violence in her lifetime, and more so if they are Aborigines and/or Torres Strait Islanders. They continue to indicate that one in six women experiences violence from current, or former partner signifying the probable contribution by the male attitude towards the social problem (Ragus, 2013). The cooperatives set and run by the Aborigines…

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