The molly Maguire – Movies are one of the channels used to educate people on certain issues as well as historical events that took place and possible future predictions.

The Molly Maguire
Movies are one of the channels used to educate people on certain issues as well as historical events that took place and possible future predictions. For this education to be passed through, directors and designers work together in finding a good theme for the scene, characters, and corresponding background. To elaborate more, this paper entails a discussion on The Molly Maguire film education on the employment and labor relation(“The Molly Maguire Sean Connery 1970”, 2017).
Film Synopsis: Generally the film rotates around workers rebel against their employer’s oppression. The rebels call themselves the Moly Maguire hence the title, who work in a coal mine in America. They are mostly the Irish immigrants, who came in search of a better life in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, their life was not all that effective as the wages from the hard labor were very low to enable their progress and better their living standards. The oppression was highly enabled due to the joint forces of the employers and the law. To lay out their grievances, the Moly Maguire made secret attacks by bombing the mines, but since there was no proof of them performing the act. This led to the incorporation of an Irish detective whose task was to join up with the workers and secretly inform on the group. During the detective mission, the informer happens to win both the hearts of a lady who rents him a room in her house and the rebel group. This eases his work of informing on them, but at a point feels in the relevance of the rebel’s acts. All in all, he completes his task by witnessing on the court against the rebels and announces his occupation as a detective. This breaks his friendship with the Moly Maguire members who are executed by hanging and his lover(“The Molly Maguires (1970) – Synopsis”, 2017).

The first lesson about employment in this scene is oppression of immigrants. Most of the employees are immigrants, who desperately need funds to survive. The employers are seen to take advantage of that fact and give low wages with multiple reductions of tools broken, lost or food given. This oppression is mainly seen on the hard and dangerous work carried out by the immigrants down in the cave all day. In the scene, during the pay day the detective is seen to be disturbed by the amount of reduction done on his wage and is seen to be angered and a possible confrontation to take place but the presence of the police captain makes him too cool his temper.
Employment is also seen to be highly valued by the workers besides the amount of labor required. If at all the Molly Maguire crew were totally unsatisfied with the oppression made like any other human being, they would have willingly quit and look for another work. Besides their attacks, they still went back to the same work site and provided the demanded labor. In addition, the detective is willing to do any kind of Job to ensure his employment as a detective is sustained. This is seen from the willingness of joining in the coal miners and performing the hard chores with an aim of pleasing the captain without considering the amount of labor placed on the table.
Due to the poverty level, it has taken up to the employment of very young people to boost their families. Very young children are seen to accompany the adults, with cans carrying their food heading to the mining site. This shows two things; the employers being ignorant about the workers and secondly high poverty levels of the employees. The ignorance fact is based on the allowance of children to work in such institutions which are risky and tiring, and that shows the lack of humanity by the employers. Poverty level, on the other hand, is seen by families allowing their children go to work instead of the school in order to maintain their survival with the economy.
The employment in the film seems only to favor males in a provision of labor. Women are seen to stay at homes performing household chores whereas men go to the mining sites. It is a high indication of gender inequality taking place in the companies, which is controversial to the current systems where both genders have the same job opportunities. In addition, it shows hard labor being the driver of employment in the mining company.
Unity is seen to be a major key on the employees of the mining company. The primary reason for the formation of the rebel group came from the unity made on the employees who are being oppressed by the company. The oppression is the key drive to their unity since it gives them a common reason to unite. It is further seen from the testing of the detective worthiness from the bar and coal mine attack, to ensure he was not a spy.
Lastly but not least, the labor provision of the film employments upholds high risks to the workers. The mining site, for example, the workers are at a high risk working underground where the cave might collapse or the coal being moved up may accidentally fall from the rails and bury some of the workers in the lower grounds. The detective labor on spying is also a very risky business. This is seen and heard from the threats made by the rebels in the work site where they were discussing on recruiting him. In other words, if the rebels could figure out his mission they could kill him.
In conclusion, the employment and labor relations in this film can be generally classified as unethical. A lot of oppression is pressed upon the laborers as well as their lives being placed at risk. The film can be said to teach of historical employment issues.

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