Please note first question answer as In the form

-Question 1. (5 marks)
Please note first question answer as In the form of a flow chart
(Note: when you get the helminth parasites in your body what happens after that? it secrets molecule X and what happen after that? and how does it effect macrophages .
In the form of a flow chart, summarise the mechanism(s) of action of Molecule X on macrophages that you have discovered so far.
Note: The sequence of data sets in the tutorials may not necessarily be the correct order of the mechanism of action(s) for Molecule X
-Question 2. (10 marks)
Below is a figure from a review paper, detailing the immune mechanisms involved in the development of Type 1 Diabetes (T1D).
a) From your understanding of the current mechanism(s) of action for Molecule X in preventing T1D development, hypothesise what further downstream immunological effects may arise, and/or what other immune cells Molecule X could be having an effect on (and how it could be affecting these cells). Detail two hypotheses. (6 marks)
b) For the two hypotheses from Question 2A, propose (including techniques) how you would experimentally test these hypotheses. (4 marks)
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