1. Aldo Ramirez Option BCOLLAPSEAs a kid you watch all this films about world w

1. Aldo Ramirez Option BCOLLAPSEAs a kid you watch all this films about world war 2 and how it changed the world forever. How the allies, lead by the United States of course, went on to achieve victory and defeat evil. Evil being Hitler of course and the U.S. being the saviour of the world. It’s how I learned it, my parents learned it, and even my grandparents came to a believe this even if they were alive at those moments. What I mean by that last statement is the curious fact that my grandfather in the 50’s had a different perspective on World War 2 which led him to leave the country and move to Mexico. But at the end of his life he share the same story we had, which leaves me to believe that the repetition of a lie or a partial truth can overcome your own truth. Speaking about perspectives, World War 2 is said to have started in September 1939 when Germany invades Poland. But other possible dates that mark the start of the war could be  Japan invaded manchuria in 1931 or in 1937 when japan invaded China and didn’t stop fighting until 1945. It seems that even the inception of a war is up to perspective. Japan after WW2 would have a tough road ahead. At the time Korea and Taiwan were colonies that helped to Japan alive and well but were disarmed and independent of Japan after U.S. intervention in Japanese affairs. This was all after the Potsdam declaration were the Allies asked Japan for unconditional surrender which eventually came to be in August of 1945. The U.S. goal in Japan was to stop the militarization of of the national forces and bring tranquility to the Japanese economy. After many years Japan would be required to help the U.S. and the UN in the Korean war in a way to almost prove their worth and loyalty. Looking a few years after in this post war era, Japan started to westernize and have American films and music in their society. Japanese media also became international with Mangas, martial arts, and animes. To a person who was not arrived and is not informed deeply on this subject, I can attest to complete ignorance on this subject of retribution. What I mean by that is no one feels that Japan owes the United States or any other country anything. This statement may sound ridiculous but its not that far fetch considering how Germans still feel ashamed about what their ancestors did 70 years ago. They still carry the weights of the past while Japan flies like a feather. This is not a criticism but merely an observation.2. jeong Hyun Min Option B- Impact of World War II on Asian CountriesCOLLAPSEWorld War II started in 1937 when Japan invaded China. The war continued for eight years, and it influenced the lives of people living in China. World war II was marked with the slaughter of thousands of people, increased rape cases and the social structure of Chinese people. The war also affected the relations between China and Japan. Japanese joined World War II because it had received oil sanctions from America because it had invaded China. The World War II was featured by troops, tanks and massive use of power to support different movements. World War II adversely affected most European countries, and as such, the effects are still experienced to date in some countries.            As mentioned above, the war led to the destruction of properties and loss of Chinese lives. A lot of people were raped due to brutality from the troops engaged in the war. The relationship between Japan and China was also destroyed. The war destroyed social structures because many families were disintegrated during that time. Adolf Hitler was a German revolutionary leader who sparked off World War II, and his presence dictated a lot of significant events throughout the war. On December 7, 1941, Japan attacked U.S Navy at Pearl Harbor, a fact that led to a retaliatory attack by the U.S which destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Thousands of people were killed by the atomic bombs that America used to attack Nagasaki and Hiroshima (Nguyen Ngoc, 2018). The attack from the United States made Japan to surrender the war.  Particularly, effects of World War II to Japan included loss of human lives and civil destruction. Many victims both in Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still affected by the incident. As such, some of their organs have been damaged, and the effects of the bombings were passed down to their offspring.The World War II influenced Economic, political and economic structures, and thus, Japan was faced with challenges after World War II in rebuilding the country. Their cultural values are the only aspects that did not change too much. Studying the impacts of World War II to China and Japan is crucial because it helps in appreciating the events that took place during that time. Keep these points in mind when responding:            •           Ask a probing question            •           Share an insight from having read your classmate’s post            •           Offer and provide evidence to support a claim            •           Validate a classmate’s idea            •           Make a suggestion            •           Expand on your classmate’s post

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