Pet Ownership

Many people now keep dogs and cats as companions. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of pet ownership for the animals involved and for the community as a whole. Dogs and cats can be delightful buddies but there are also a number of complications linked with possession of pets, both for the community and the animal. In great conditions, pets are fed, cherished and loved, like a family member. It’s easy to see how much care is given to pets. Cats and dogs contribute to the public in numerous ways. Dogs are beneficial in guarding a house and assist directions for blind people.
Owning pets not only makes you more cheerful and healthier but also maybe even extend your life. Therefore, owning pets not only benefits the owner but also the community. Likewise, youngsters can to develop responsibility at an early age through helping in the care of their family’s pet, elderly folks have company and something to do when their children have all moved out and made their own families. Conversely, there are negatives for the pets and community. Dogs and cats have limited freedom. Pet owners are needed to clean up after their pets.
Parks and beaches often provide lavatories for this purpose. The community also has to take in dogs and cats that have been abandoned by irresponsible owners. Some irresponsible or selfish pet owners allow too much freedom for their animals which can upset neighbors if their garden is disrupted, some pet owners never correctly train their animals so certain behavioral issues such as extreme barking or aggression can be an issue between neighbors as well. To conclude, depending on how people treat and look after their pet, most of the time the benefits outweigh the drawback.

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