Places Around the World Are Getting More and More Similar

In the past,people used to travel to many places to see the differences from their home country. Now all the places around the world are getting more and more similar. What is the cause of this simailarity? Do you think that the advantage of thissimilarity overweigh the disadvantages? Recently ,lack of unique place to travel has become a top discussions in our daily life. It will be disappointed for people who expect to find a difference of their own country. In my opinion,the most important factor of this issue may be globalization,and globalization certainly has the potential to bring about great advance for humankind.
Nowadays,in tourist areas of the developing world we can follow a growing international trend in many aspects,and also I believe it is a good way for our social development. For example,many modern buildings,especially skyscrapers with glass walls are being erected here and there,and some of them even become the symbols of a city around the world. Clearly,this is an unavoidable trend. It should not only can house more people and host more office,but also can make valuable tourist resource.
In other side,we can also observe a changing happened in leisure time pursuits and culture exchange. Chinese youths shopping at department store in Shanghai,hang out in club over a glass of beer in much the same way that their American counterparts do in NewYork. The third one is that television and internet as very powerful medium of influence over large populations. Younger generations the world over who can through these mordern technologies often encounter the same media such as advertisements,films,TV chanels popular brands and so on.
At the same time,many argue that the costs of globalization are too high and that differences between countries and communitices need to be maintained before we quickly and completely lose all sense of who we are,where we came from and what choice are still available to us. After all,historic places provide a physical link to our past. In sum up,only by further developing the way in which we manmage our societies can we make sure that those currently not in control of globalization can make their voices heard in the political processes affecting the rang of their own personal choices.

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