This assessment is designed to allow students to present and justify appropriate

BUS707 – Applied Business Research
T1 2018
ASSESSMENT 4: Research Proposal – 50%
This assessment is designed to allow students to present and justify appropriate method(s) for a research project designed to address the research question posed. This assessment relates to Learning Outcomes a, b and d.
There are two components of the assessment:
Written proposal: 40%
Oral presentation: 10%
Based on the Research Question developed in Assessment 2, students should develop a research design aimed at providing insights and/or answers to the question. Students should make any recommended adjustments to the content of Assessment 2, based on feedback provided, prior to including it in Assessment 4.
This assessment requires students to choose and justify the most appropriate research design, clearly explaining WHY the chosen design will best answer the research question and is most appropriate in the specific circumstances. Students should clearly justify their recommended research and analysis methods.
Note: Other than in exceptional circumstances, Assessment 4 of this subject is intended to form the basis of the student’s Research Project in BUS710 Research Project, following appropriate adjustments recommended in feedback
Written Proposal: The proposal will contain the following information:
Title Page: including a title (short and explanatory) and the student (author’s) details.
Abstract: A brief summary or overview of the research proposal explains precisely what the research is about. It must be clear, succinct and understandable to experts and lay readers.
The research problem (Assessment 2 revised if necessary): This section discusses the problem or question the project seeks to answer and how the research contributes to its clarification. This section should include a hypothesis, a central and /or set of subsidiary questions and an hypothesis if appropriate. Delimitations and limitations should be mentioned here.
Background (Assessment 2 revised if necessary): This section clarifies the significance of the research and describes the broader historical, theoretical, social and intellectual background and context.</p…

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