Semester 1 2018
Assessment 2: Group AssignmentDue date : 13 May 2018 by 23.59
Learning Outcomes assessed : LO2, LO5
Word limit : 2000 ±10% words
Assessment weight : 20%Instructions about the group assignmentStudents will work in groups of 3-4 members of their choosing. You should give careful
consideration to the selection of members comprising the group. Groups must be
formed within the first three weeks of the semester and one member of each group
should provide the names of members to the lecturer-in-charge no later than 19thMarch 2018. It is very important for all members to take an active part in completing
the assignment and make an equal contribution. Students must notify the Lecturer-inCharge in a timely manner and provide substantiating documentation of any problems
in relation to group work.Format of the assignment• The assignment should be presented as a business report.• An assignment coversheet (ensure group members’ full names and student
numbers are correctly written, and the part each student completed specified
clearly)• A table of contents• An introduction• The body of the assignment• References• 12-point Arial or Times New Roman font with 1 inch margins on all sides.• Double-spaced• All pages following the cover page should have a page number.• Peer Evaluation sheet completed by each student is handed in or emailed to the
lecturer-in-charge.2RequirementsChoose one of the following companies listed on the ASX, and answer the questions
in that context:
1. Retail Food Group (ASX Code: RFG)
2. Seek Limited (ASX Code: SEK)
3. Ramsay Health Care Limited (ASX Code: RHC)
4. Harvey Norman Holdings Limited (ASX Code: HVN)
You are required to answer the following questions as they relate to the company
you chose:
i) Analyse and comment on the capital structure of the company in the past
5 years (2013-2017). Is it optimal? Why or why not?
ii) Analyse the company’s dividend history in the past 5 years (2013-2017),
and provide a critical evaluation of the company’s dividend history.
iii) Provide an analysis of share price trend for the past five years (2012-
iv) In the light of your analysis above, evaluate the attractiveness of company’s
ordinary shares for investment. Include in your analysis a discussion of the
weaknesses / limitations of your analysis, and any key risks that may affect
the attractiveness of the company as an investment, and how you have
factored these risks into your attractiveness analysis and valuation.
Do you think that the firm is correctly valued by the market? Discuss.SubmissionThe assignment is to be submitted via LEO/Turnitin by 13 May 2018 at 23.59.Late submission of assignments
Due dates will be strictly adhered to. However, in the case of exceptional circumstances,
students may apply for extensions in the following manner.
In accordance with the ACU Assessment Procedures (para 3), you may seek extension of
submission date for an assessment task prior to the due date by submitting the Application
for Extension of time for an Assignment (EX) form.
_Application_for_Ext_of_Time_for_Submission_of_Assessment.pdfYou may seek up to five working days after the relevant due date by submitting the Special
Consideration form.

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