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 Week 3 Written Assignment – Homework ProblemWeek 3 Written Assignment – Homework ProblemRead the problem below and answer the two questions in a memo to management.  Be sure to include all supporting documentation with your answer. Carefully read the instructions at the end of the problem.Project DELTAYou have just been promoted to the role of assistant project manager to Jack Welch, who is in charge of project DELTA. DELTA is a code name that he assigned to the development of a top secret handheld electronic medical reference guide. DELTA would be designed for emergency medical technicians and paramedics who need a quick reference guide to use in emergency situations.Jack and his top notch project team were developing a project plan aimed at producing 30 working models in time for one of the biggest medical equipment trade shows, FutureMed.  The trade show will start on October 25.  Meeting the FutureMed October 25 deadline is critical to success.  All the major medical equipment manufacturers demonstrate and take orders for new products at FutureMed.  Jack also heard rumors that competitors were considering developing a similar product, and he knew that being first to market would have a significant sales advantage.  Besides, top management made funding contingent upon developing a workable plan for meeting the FutureMed deadline.The project team spent the morning working on the schedule for DELTA.  They started with a WBS and developed the information for a network, adding activities they needed.  Then, the team added the time estimates they had collected for each activity.  Below is the preliminary information for activities with duration times and predecessors. ActivityDescriptionDuration(in days)Predecessors1Architectural decisions10None2Internal specifications2013External specifications1814Feature specifications1515Voice recognition152,36Case42,37Screen22,38Speaker output jacks22,39Tape mechanism22,310Database40411Microphone/soundcard5412Pager4413Barcode reader3414Alarm clock4415Computer I/O5416Review design105,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,1517Price components55,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,1518Integration1516,1719Document design351620Procure prototype components201821Assemble prototypes102022Lab test prototypes202123Field test prototypes2019,2224Adjust design202325Order stock parts152426Order custom parts22427Assemble first production unit1025,2628Test unit102729Produce 30 units152830Train sales representatives1029InstructionsPrepare a short memo to senior management that addresses the following questions:Will the project as planned meet the October 25th deadline?  Assume that the project start date is January 1st.What activities lie on the critical path? List all of them in correct sequence.Attach supporting documentation that shows how you arrived at your answers.Be sure to use tools you have learned about it Chapter 6, such as an AON network or Gantt chart. If you know how to use Microsoft Project, you may use it to validate your work. When creating an AON network, use the Automated Warehouse Order Picking Example in your book and the resulting AON network in Figure 6.8 on Page 173 as guide.NOTE: If you only submit an answer with no supporting documentation that shows HOW you arrived at the answer, the assignment will receive a 0, even if the answers are correct. YOU MUST SHOW YOUR WORK!

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