Title Page that contains a title and all relevant personal identification including

MKG701 Task 2 Marketing Plan Guide
Report Component Description
Criteria 5 (10% overall)
Title page
Executive summary
Table of Contents
Excellence in written communication skills by presenting an error-free, well written and correctly formatted written report using the guidelines provided in Summers and Smith (2014) Communication Skills Handbook. Marks are allocated for correct spelling, grammar and in-text referencing.
Title Page that contains a title and all relevant personal identification including word count.
Executive Summary, a detailed summary of your entire report. Can be up to 1 page in length (not included in word count).
Table of Contents, identifies the headings and sub-headings in the report and their respective page numbers.
Formal introduction, should include: Purpose and Authorisation, Limitations and Scope
Criteria 1 (10%)
Case Background
Provide a brief descriptive background to the organisation and the product or service
Situation Analysis –
This section should identify the current market and major segments for your organisation and review key consumer needs and factors that may affect consumer purchasing
Provide a financial analysis of the market and the organisations position in it subject that can inform the SWOT and marketing goals, objectives and strategies
Provide only a brief summary of the external marketing environment analysis and identify the key opportunities and threats drawn from the Task 1 external marketing environment report (place the full external environment analysis from Assessment Task 1 in the appendices)
Criteria 2 (10%)…

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