Use theory to explain various sources of corporate growth

General Marking Scheme Introduction
– Introducing the topic / the industry,
– Positioning the topic / importance and relevance,
– Outlining the structure of the presentation.
Background / Literature review
– A systematic introduction to the market / industry,
– Reviewing relevant literature on the industry and its key characteristics,
– Reviewing first and secondary data.
Theoretical depth
– Theoretical conceptualisation of the issues.
– Reference to / use of relevant theories.
– Clear exposition of key concepts,
– Use theory to explain various sources of corporate growth in the industry.
– Explain patterns of corporate growth in the industry.
– Explain why some firms in the industry has managed to grow large but majority remained
– Explain how the industry’s fundamentals shape corporate growth strategies,
– Explain the link between market fundamental, technology and corporate growth strategies,
– Systematic use of data to inform the analysis.
Critical Analysis
– Show an ability to discuss possible alternatives / strategies,
– Explain how changes in the market or technological innovations may change industry
fundamentals and impact relevant corporate growth strategies,
– Show an ability to conjecture the future of the market, if relevant,
– Highlights the limits of the analysis.
Logical structure & Clear exposition
– The piece is logically structured,
– The exposition flows well,
– The piece shows adequate research, with sufficient references to the literature,
– Strong bibliography – mainly drawn from the academic literature.

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