We will focus on fundamental concepts relating to the

Please wait for units to be loaded. This may take some time on slow connections.© 2017 University of Derby Online LearningUnit 1 Journey of a Data Packet Across the Web UniverseThis unit will require approximately 20 hours of study each week.
We will focus on fundamental concepts relating to the working and setup of the internet.
Additionally, we will learn the core architectural layouts applied to website development
and various components and roles associated with these layouts. It is always useful
and important to relate the development of a project to the established and reliable
practice in the domain.
At the end of this unit, you should be able to:
develop a functional understanding of how the internet works and what are the
core protocols and procedures involved
critically analyse and compare various web architectural layouts
develop and apply system design to a web related projects
understand the roles and responsibilities of core components involved in the setup
and delivery of a website.The Internet A Brief HistoryWe are living in an age that has seen rapid global proliferation of a broad range of
technologies. The internet plays a crucial role in supporting many aspects of this
technological revolution on the internet, most of the information, interaction and
services are offered by portals/sites called ‘websites’.
Before we begin considering how to build effective websites, we will revisit and refresh
our understanding of how the network that the websites sit on, the internet, works. The
following video gives a brief history of internet (SciShow, 2017).6CC549 Web Development – Creating Effective
Applications Units 1-35/30/2018 https://courseresources.derby.ac.uk/bbcswebdav/institution/UDOL/6CC549_Web_Development_MAY18/printable_version_U1_3.html
https://courseresources.derby.ac.uk/bbcswebdav/institution/UDOL/6CC549_Web_Development_MAY18/printable_version_U1_3.html 2/35How the Internet Was Invented | The History of the Internet, Part 1 – Source:Activity 1.1: Warm up and introductionsUsing the Discussion Board, introduce yourself. All forms of creativity are
appreciated. Describe a web browsing experience that you really liked (and, if
possible, say why this was). Describe a web browsing experience that was not so
good (and, if possible, why).The Internet NetworkAt an abstract level, the internet is made up of two components; computing nodes and
links connecting the nodes (shown in Figure 1.1). The structure is analogous to how
our cities are organised and built. Computing nodes are analogous to buildings: the
buildings can be houses, hospitals, playgrounds, post office, shops, and so on; the
computing nodes can be your personal computers, mobile phones, storage servers,
web servers, cloud storage, your internet service provider gateway, and so on. (If some
of these nodes are unfamiliar to you, do not worry as will cover most of these in later
Next, your house is connected to the city centre or hospital or your friend’s house via
roads, air routes, ferry links, and so on. Similarly, the computing nodes are connected
to each other via links that provide a ‘physical medium’ for any travel or communication
between two nodes.5/30/2018 https://courseresources.derby.ac.uk/bbcswebdav/institution/UDOL/6CC549_Web_Development_MAY18/printable_version_U1_3.html
https://courseresources.derby.ac.uk/bbcswebdav/institution/UDOL/6CC549_Web_Development_MAY18/printable_version_U1_3.html 3/35Figure 1.1: Overview of a network
Now, let us say you want to visit a friend’s house. How will you manage that? You will
travel across a road or set of roads that you know will take you to your friend’s
doorstep. You will make this journey on foot, in a car, or by bus or taxi. In all cases,
some medium will transport you from your house to another house. Correct? If yes,
then, the houses are computers, the roads are network links, you are the data, and the
car you have used is a network packet. The journey is symbolised in Figure 1.2.
Figure 1.2: Communication between two nodes
Note: Complete Activity 1.2 before going forward.Activity 1.2: List the requirements o…

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