Write the executive summary in your own words, using a

Executive Summary (300 Words)
Write the executive summary in your own words, using a formal writing style.
State the purpose/aim of the report. For example, the main purpose of this report is to……
Describe the procedure that you used. The methodology or analytical process used to process the data collected. (Chapter Concepts)
The major findings may include a number of sentences.
The recommendations (if applicable) should also provide.
Remove unnecessary words and sentences. Check accuracy of grammar, spelling, sentence and paragraph structures.
Use formatting and graphics to highlight the message.
Clarity of the summary can be improved through usage of bullet points and subtitles in the organisational structure.
Table of Contents
Executive Summary (300 Words) 1
Table of Contents 2
Introduction 3
Body 4
Findings 4
Analysis 4
Recommendations 5
Conclusion 5
Appendices 6
Reference List 7
Glossary 8
Abbreviations 8
Aims and Objectives in detail
The problem or situation that prompted this report
Any definition of terms
The research methods used in your investigation
The scope and limits
Background history
It is where the relevant data is analysed,
The main findings of the report are examined.
The layout of the findings should be logically organised with each section and sub-section clearly labelled.

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